At Schrade Custom Homes we understand building your new home can be a challenging experience, but when you make the choice to build with us, your experience will be a rewarding one.

We don’t compete with the larger builders on quantity, but on quality construction and customer relations, we will far exceed you expectations. 

In our continued effort to serve our customers better, Schrade Custom Homes is constantly researching new and better techniques to build your home.  We have spent a great deal of time researching the moisture issues that Eastern North Carolina poses to the new home, and are using the most up to date techniques that we feel will protect your new home from these problems.  Many builders are slow to change with the times, and for this reason are often behind on newer and better technologies that are available in the building industry. 

Schrade Custom Homes is associated with two other companies that greatly allow us to enhance your building experience.  Clipper Construction has a staff of 15-20 experienced:  carpenters, siding installers, remodeling specialists and construction superintendents.  This staff allows us to be much more in touch with your construction process.  Unlike the majority of other general contractors, we do not have to subcontract out everything in the house.  This gives us an advantage in scheduling our projects, as we are not dependent on other companies to build the house.  More importantly, it gives us a much better hands on approach which allows our quality control  to be at a higher standard then other builders.  Schrade Custom Homes is also closely associated with Clipper Realty, which is ready to assist and offer the total package in the building and selling of new homes. 

Contact Doug Schrade email:

(252) 758-9904 - PO Box 8554 Greenville, NC 28385